2 Plans In One Month--how Does The Billing Work?

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Hi,Since jun 06, i've switched to the bsnl ul 900 plan from the startup plan. I submitted the letter for request on May 28th. On 1st jun, i was browsing as usual and when i checked my usage at about 6 pm, i saw that the plan changed only an hour ago and that there were recording of two plans.About 30 mb usage was recorded till the time of change under the old startup plan and then after that the recording under the new plan. So, does this mean that I'm gonna be charged both rental amounts or the higher of the two?Also, my letter explicitly stated 'home ul 900 PLUS', but the plan name in my portal only shows 'Home ul 900' without the plus. Does this mean that the goofballs didn't change to the proper plan or that it doesnt matter as the plus part affects only the bfone connection and no the dataone connection?Thanx in advance for any helpful replies.
Same with me. I wanted UL 900 Plus but my A/C details show it as UL 900. When i went to their office and asked for clarification, they said that their software (DotSoft) only offers UL 900 plan at the moment. There is no provision for "Plus" 🙁My bad luck . . . im afraid I will get a bill of 900 + rental.
First of 900+ plan was made to target brand new customers only. If they changed your plan on the existing line which i am assuming is ur old line then its the correct plan they changed you on...that is Home 900. Yeah its a Dotsoft thing and it is a bummer.Be aware your next bill would be consisting of Broadband charges + Existing Phone Plan Charges + Service Tax + Cess Tax.I hope you were not expectin like No phone rental or something cause if u were expecting that since u applied for Home 900+...then i guess u r in a little bit of pickle there.As for ur billing issues....the same thing happened to me. When i contacted the BSNL guyz, they said that they would bill my usage of the 1st to the last Plan i was runnin on. Now thats a punch in the crotch cause i was supposed to get the Home 900 on 1st...then y the sucker conversion so late? Anyhow u gota do what i am gonna do. If the bill comes with extra amount then take a bat and start whacking some BSNL dumbos...xD.
Let me tell you my experience, for whatever it's worth. I requested BSNL (Pondicherry) by letter to switch from Home 250 to Home 500 at the end of the billing cycle. The switch however happened on the 12th. I was then charged for the whole month at the Home 250 rate. It took me 4 trips to the accounts office to have my bill corrected, Home 250 for 12 days and Home 500 for the rest of the month. The next month I was again charged at Home 250 rate. Another trip to the accounts office. The next month I was charged at the right rate but there was a mysterious extra charge of some 500 Rs. Another trip to the accounts office, where I learned that they are having problems with their software. How I wish airtel broadband was available in my area!