4G Band related question.


Does being connected to a higher band like BAND 40 or 41, consumes more battery, even when idle?
I have noticed in Jio when the internet is off or when the internet is idle, it switches to Band 3.
Compared to that,
Vi seems to be on Band 41, like literally always.
and Airtel jumps everywhere every 10-15minutes.

I also have noticed, that phone gets relatedly less warm when downloading using JIO and substantially warm in other two.
obvious same goes for battery.

Obv, this is not a scientific test, just what I observed so, wanted to ask you guys, if you have findings of your own.
Thank you.
B40 is the capacity spectrum(u get high speed data on B40), so jio's carrier policy is configured like when the user is using data services, he should be on B40, if not he will be moved to B3 to stop congestion on B40
So, Jio is doing better battery and band utilization and Vi is locking to the highest frequency possible no matter what 99% of time.

And still jio has terrible net performance.
Well idk how much about lte but when i went to Kerala, i found that locking cell tower had a huge improvement in network speed.

I have a Huawei b525 23a (only band 3 sadly is usable on Jio), when i set it up there i was disappointed with just 1-2Mbps at most. As i was on custom firmware on huawei i was able to set it a different cell tower id and got 10-15Mbps.

In both cases it was showing 5 bars but speeds were very different. So i think cell tower congestion is atleast a part of it.

For battery i think signal strength matters more than which bands its connected to.

Vi is locking to band 41 because the tower is quite nearby to you. it latches higher freq network first.
when a device latches to network a band priority list is uploaded to device by network which defines which network to latch to first.
this list can be overruled via network locking feature.
At my work place vi latches to band 8 most of the time which is not stable but via TP-Link mr100 band locking set to band 3 getting 12-15mbps most of time.
jio latches between band 3 or 5
while airtel is mostly band 1.
so all depends to proximity to tower, load on network.
i have locked jio to band 5 on my phone and get nice speeds all the time.
I think, as higher bands (2300/2500Mhz) have lesser coverage or lesser dBm in comparison to 1800Mhz or even 900Mhz, our device will use much more power to enhance/stay connected to that specific band due to the preferences done by operators. Personally speaking, i haven't found any difference in battery life whenever my phone latches to b40 ,b8 or even b3.