Abhishek Bachchan In New Moto Rokr Advertisement

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he look funny for a change
funny ad yep! but only the last shot wen he is dead and his mundi is rocking! :lol:
same here. thought the last part was really funny. he rocks his head in a really weird way in the last part. :lol:though the phone sucks like any other motorola phone. -_- too over priced at 17.5k. and it doesnt even have edge and 3g support. 😱cam isnt too good and sound quality i think is ok.they are saying its a pda, but theres hardly any pda-like features.the only good thing is it has a large screen.
QUOTE(viralbug @ Mar 26 2007, 11:29 PM) [snapback]84958[/snapback]
and it doesnt even have edge and 3g support. 😱[/b]
umm..which country do you plan to use edge & 3g btw, cos we ain't seeing edge here for many yrs.

Therefore why pay extra to have it then.
Even i found the ad damn funny, (even though i m not an AB fan)!Isn't EDGE already offered by hutch ? i thought it was, but who anyways uses anything but GPRS, which is pretty decent enough for the moment. I think its a good phone, has an HTML browser and a decent email client. The only thing is i am not too fond of the Linux OS on the phone, (much rather prefer symbian).