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Hey there,
Is there any Jio Extender Login page. I'm curious to know
I have a 100mbps plan
As i have to buy it for higher ranges as my jio router doesn't giving me that raneg what i wanted...

My Questions:-

#1 :- Can we Pair it using lan cable (one from jio router to Extender) for good connection all the time?
#2 :- Should i buy a dedicated router and use it as Access Point MODE (AP)?
#3 :- Apart from that i want to change channel of jioFiber of 5ghz with my MOBILE (yes it can be changed via laptop or PC, I tried different Browsers in phone but no success as Search button is'nt working for phone...)
Hello there
I m using jio extender for a month and I can share u my experience with this extender...

So 1 question u asked that can we pair it with lan cable so for now I will not recommend u to pair it with lan cable I faced many issue with it..pairing with lan cable 2.4 ghz band works fine but 5Ghz band has issues ...speed drastically drops if u cross a wall or any obstruction moreover mobile automatically disconnects from 5ghz band saying can't connect or password not correct....I don't know why it happens when still mobile recieve full wifi network but don't connect with it ..and If ur mobile and extender have a line of sight i.e no obstructions bw extender and mobile or device than router will do great...
And if u reset the ONT main router ( not extender) while connecting the extender with lan cable than above mentioned issue get solved internet will run fast( 95 mbps as lan cable in this extender has 100 mbps limit)

So at first I thought there must be issue with that extender than suddenly out of blue I thought to connect it with without lan cable as it works with mesh technology so it allows to do so...and I find that it works great providing 145+ Mbps speed (with 150 mbps plan) in every corner in the house no matter if there is obstruction bw extender and device it works great...and if u switch it off it still works fine ...no problem in that...the above mentioned problem is only when u connect it with lan cable...

So if u place the extender where atleast two wifi signals of 5Ghz band than u can go with it...and if u want to connect very far from the ONT router via lan cable than I wouldn't recommend u to use this jio extender than go for third party router or extender ....u have to reset ONT after every power cuts to use it properly...

And last question u asked to change the channel so go with mobile or laptop search while connected with jio wifi ...login id admin password is Jiocentrum if u haven't changed it...