Adding Data One & Touchtel


Hi Guys, I would be wrkin for my ofice frm home and need 24 7 connectivity so i went in for BSNL data one and Touchtell. I still need to make my bsnl modem MT 841 to auto dial (help me on that to any 1). my airtel 220bx is auto dialing.also i have a VoIP box commin in.right now my connection luk's like thismt841 has 4 rj45 & 1 usb220 bx has 1 each220bx--(rj45)-->mt841--(rj45)-->desktop | |--(usb)-->notebookwhen airtel is down,not very often but it does get down,i switch of 220 bx and dial bsnl,leaving my notebook offline.can i have 220bx--(rj45)-->mt841--(rj45)-->desktop ----------------- -- | ----------------- -- |------(rj45)-->VoIP (connected to mt 841)----------------- -- |----------------- -- |------(usb)-->notebook (conected to mt 841)so when ever airtel i down i put in the phone line to mt841 and it auto dials to get all my hard ware online.i doubt mt 841 capability of giving juice frm rj 45 and usb together.bandwidth is not an issuewhen airtel is bak up i pull out the phone line frm mt 841 to disconnect it and switch on 220 bx o put every thing online thru airtel,going in for one connection gives me downtime which is not acceptable and going in only for bsnl (very reliable) gives ,e a a data limit (not done).Please will this work.Help