Additional Security For Broadband Connection

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lol this has been standard in australia for aaages now. I don't see what the disadvantage is, other than if in the rare occurance that your port malfunctions. In the 8 years of broadband, i've had no such problems.
^You'd be singing a different tune if u were in Mumbai, had a 590NU connection and knew abt GH 😛
Moreover...if u want 2 use any of ur relatives accnt who is out of wont be possible 🙁
i use to share my Account with my friend.......He use to pay me half of the rent. Now i guess that won't be possible as i am unable to use account expect of mine.... 😱
so sad... 🙁I cant share my friends NU account now for downloads in the night....This surely sucks.... 🙁 🙁
He He! All the members who were mostly active before in hidden threads only are now back in regulars thread. Welcome Welcome !!!!!!

ahh so you can't use other peoples accts!lol meh, no biggie for me, the only time i'd want to use someone elses acct is once i've been shaped (throttled) for going over my download quota, which only happens about 3 days before my reset date.
We can't compare to Oz Isp for now(ofcourse in future we will).Like i say we have a landline connection available for just 3A$(99Rs) however you people i doubt could get even Dids(virtual) in that much cost.i have seen people crying for there Telstra connection on whirlpool.So comparisons can't be made neither in data nor in voice.
Looks like the "smart guys" missed one point. Fixing Ports will increase cost since the same port cannot be reused and is Blocked for one guy FOREVER. They are trying to block users from (re)using accounts of their friends but they missed one important point when implementing this so called "Security". They have killed scalability. Now they will have to increase DLAM server devices and thus have to buy more DSLAM devices just to support any increase in users. Imagine what will happen if all of Mumbai or India connects as time goes by. What will happen when they go Unlimited. They will run out of money to buy more DSLAMs. Looks to me the same problem as IP Networks are facing only thing is that MTNL started the other way round.Best of Luck MTNL. Looks to me some underhand dealing with DSLAM providers. Which nut suggested this idea.
Banks are always open for loans no offence....Another option is static ip when they launch unlimited scheme.always the looser are customers not the service providers.They may increase the rates of bb connection.
Loans costs money!! Doing that would be like to cover one lie or recover one lost bet u bet more. If they provide BB at higher rates they become incompetitive so they lose anyways. The only way out is to rollback this port blocking shit.
Competition occurs when you have a presence.Airtel is competitve but it's presence is negligible.
Dudes !!!! i'm so totally shocked jus read about the port blockin crap, mann lucky for me i shifted to airtel , else i wud hv been unhappy too 😉 but hey this crap is not operational in delhi (yet) ....finally delhi ppl got some adv over mumbai 😛 😛i was quite frustated over the GH thing and now its ur turn mumbai 😛 😉
Hey Mystery longtime no c man?So u are happy that Mumbai is on the receiving end this time and Delhi is enjoying... 🙁 🙁