Airtel 4G giving low speeds inside my home walls

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This is the issue I am facing from past 7 months ....I get a speed of 10 mbps and a ping of 35 ms on my house rooftop in peak hours also . whereas inside my house I get 0.95 mbps for a speedtest and upload never happens sometimes. My room is on the top floor which should give a good speed ...Why does this happen?
I had the same experience with my Jio connection. Just outside the main gate of the house on road I used to get 10-12 Mbps but as soon as I entered my house it reduced to 0.5-1 Mbps.
band 40 has low penetration powers, particularly for older houses with thick walls.
also, if there are large buildings/structures nearby, that could have an impact
Your easiest and cheapest option is to buy a broadband connection from a good provider. Even the most basic plan will do. Fiber is preferred, but cable will also work just fine.

Then both Airtel and Jio will be able to give you wifi calling inside the house and the quality is quite clear.
My phone doesnt support VoWifi ...The main issue is the call gets really choppy currently ....I have a BSNL Fiber as Main home internet
As @pachabhut said the Tower is not close to me which is the reason why the signal suffers maybe

I have heard they install some unit at our house premise which boosts signal near our area
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To go overboard, if I may, you could install a 4G booster. Basically an antenna, a receiver and transmitter. You install the antenna on the roof and the booster near a power source and the indoor receiver in your living room.
That way it will amplify all the 4G signals of all operators.

This would have been the solution before 2018. But a cheaper and more elegant solution now is to simply get a phone that supports VoWifi.

I don't know. Probably have to enquire. Such devices are implemented widely in a lot of indoor places like schools, colleges, auditoriums, etc.
I don't know how amplifying a publicly available spectrum band to a limited private space (home) is illegal. Sounds silly.
Say I boosted two or three of the spectrum bands that Airtel has been awarded through the auction process. If I am boosting the signal for personal reasons (meaning not reselling the spectrum by offering it commercially), in a private residential setup (our home), in order to access Airtel's own network, I don't see the legal issue of misappropriation of spectrum?
If I were to use that spectrum for another purpose, than that would be illegal.