Airtel BDT 121 firmware

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Airtel, BSNL
I had Airtel Fiber connection in Delhi (rental place) before lock down. Before the first lock down, i came back to my home town and opted for BSNL Fiber here. Also placed a request for disconnection of Airtel and they disconnected the same. They did not pick up the router that airtel provided which is of BDT121 dual-band and it is with me now. BSNL has provided the Syrotech router which is single band. I tried setting the BDT router with BSNL settings but it didn't work. Since the TR-069 is configured in the BDT router, soft reset and hard reset doesn't work too.

Is there any firmware available for BDT 121 router that i can flash so that the TR-069 settings are removed. Tried searching on net but didn't get relevant results. Please help.
Maybe you can use it as an AP? Disable DHCP on the Airtel and plug it into Syrotech through one of the LAN ports.
Well to do that also, i need to update the firmware to accept WAN port as input for the BDT router. Currently it has fiber port input.
Most modem router combos accept through the lan port even though they don't support wan input for bridging. Try it.