Airtel - Bill continues after disconnection

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Hi AllThis is to bring into the notice of all that whosoever is using the Airtel BroadBand connection should apply for disconnection because of the following reasons:1. You will continue to get the bills after disconnection of the line as I am getting it from past 6 months.2. You will continuosly get the call from Airtel regularly (sometimes 3 times on a single day) asking for payment. And you explain them everytime and they will say, we will find it out and get back to you and they will never do anything in this.3. I got a call from a person saying, he is calling from Airtel legal department and you have not paid the bill from last six months so you need to come and visit us or pay the same.4. When you tell them that you already have 6 complaints launched for the same they will say the customer care department is "USELESS" and there is nothing they can do. So you can imaging the Airtel's one department calls the other department useless and the same kind of words come from Customer Care department against Billing department.5. As per my experiences I would suggest you all to get rid of the airtel connection at the earliest possible and make sure that you have all the letters/receivings with you. 6. Donot apply for new Airtel connection in order avoid unncessary headache. Thanks,Vivek
umm why should i fastforward to face the hassles when i am not facing any hassles. i cant even get a bsnl connection in my locality coz they never have the modems. i am happy with airtel. when i have to get the connection disconnected. i will see what i have to do. i always have the consumer courts to go to.
Could you please suggest me the way to go to Customer Court, coz I never found the way easy way going there. Since you dont have any other provider and you didnt have any experince with airtel problems so its easy for you to say now. This was just an information, no matter how you take it.
have you considered going to the nearest Airtel hub and discussing the problem with a real human being?i am pretty sure if you go there and talk to a senior representative, you would get your problem solved. of course you would need to have all the papers with you.
the thing is why shud he go to airtel? its airtels fault. if he has proof that he disconnected six months back. let airtel come asking for money and show them the proof. simple. if i want money from my customer i have to go to them not they come to pay me.
no one is coming to his place. he is getting the calls from the customer care centers. if airtel messed up in his case and did not clean their databases, he can either ignore the calls, take the actions to get the thing fixed or go to consumer courts with his case.i am pretty sure it is not the regular practice followed by airtel to continue to hassle their ex-customers.

if it was in usa.. he cud have filed case and got some cash for continuous harassment. here it can be done but needs patience. may be he shud just threaten them or email them that if u make any more calls i will take u to court.
he can do that on the phone itself.he can file a case in india too and he would most likely win pretty easily. consumer courts are pretty fast in india (relatively speaking). but threats on the phone should work fine. it has for me atleast. as long as i am right.
I am not getting the call only from customer care,but they call up and say we are from Billing department and I explain the things to him and asked him to close it as I have all the papers where I have the receiving from them saying that they have received the modem and the telephone from me. I myself don't find time in indulging the court case otherwise I am eager to take up such action against them. I have seen the law in US also and I know how to fix the problem there but this is India where time has no value. Its not harrassment only but its like someone putting false allegations on you. I have paid their bills till the last month when I asked for disconnection and I got the confirmation call from Airtel saying that we are closing the connection. They continued to send the bills and I launced the complaint everytime. Then to clear up the mess after 3 months I talked to customer care for around an hour and he told me that whatever was charged to me is now reverted back and you wont get any bill further and next month it is repeated. I dont know whose account they are cleaning up.Also, how would you react to this -> Airtel's customer care department says - Billing department is rubbish, they dont have any system to update with ours.And the legal department says- Our customer care department is useless and we know that. So there is no point putting complaint to them, take a NOC from us. Can you tell me the reason why airtel has billing or customer care department if they are useless as "they only say it". So when Airtel is rubbish/useless then why should you opt for that. Please explain.Thanks
coz it works for me. bsnl does not even give me a connection. as simple as that.