airtel briadband reluctant to change bill plan

Rama Venkat

I am in Chennai. I am 94 years old with hearing impairment. At present my Airtel broadband bill plan is 999 which I have been having for the past few years.. Because of my old age I am not doing much internet except few emails and little browsing. I want to change bill plan (broadband) to 499. I have written to customer care <[email protected] >a number of times. but they are dodging me and not changing. what should I do. Can I change to some other ISP and if so which is cheaper and good. I do not require very high speed because I am NOT gaming nor viewing videos.
Dear Sir,
Very happy to see people who have experienced far more springs in their life than us here.

Ask your nephew, grandkids or other young lings to talk on your behalf.

I'm curious what excuses they are giving to dodge you?

If directly talking still doesn't work, then I ask you to make a pdf of all written complaints lodged by you through email or other written medium and the responses by Airtel.

And file it before pgportal. Tell them if they don't take appropriate actions this time ASAP, you will be taking them to Consumer Court.

I believe after this they will be forced to respond to your request.

I am really confused. Also please stick to single thread for same queries.