Airtel Broadband down since 10/05/2015 due to Metro Work in Faridabad

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If you use your internet connection from a single device, then using something like Networx might be okay, but since you mention you are using a WiFi router, I guess you are using the connection from multiple devices, and you have to track your usage for all those devices. Best thing is to track it from your router. See if your router is compatible with dd-wrt at Or maybe your router already has a bandwidth usage tracking solution built in.
My router cannot differentiate between local and Internet traffic 😛
@fairusagepfft : Thanks for the input .Yes you are right this connection is used by all my family members and all of them access it through wifi only. I will check the router/modem if it has this feature in built and if not then some other way to track my usage.
My router can't differentiate between local and internet traffic either, and I'm sure most routers can't do that. For local file transfers, I rely on USB drives, and for LAN gaming, I use a different router, so I don't face an issue due to this though. Also, IIRC, dd-wrt has a feature to pause usage tracking, so maybe if you aren't going to be using the internet, that could be activated.
By local you mean data shared through local area network like files or prints and other stuff ???
Yup. I transfer a lot of data between phone and computer using BitTorrent Sync. Even Android bandwidth meter cannot differentiate between local and Internet traffic on wifi.

It really shouldn't be that hard for the Android bandwidth meter to implement that functionality though. There is a fixed range of IP addresses which local networks can use.

Also, seems like there is an extension for DD-WRT called YAMon which can give you a bandwidth usage breakdown for every device per day, week, and month, so if you do go with DD-WRT, you can give that a shot. The cheapest router that supports DD-WRT seems to be going for Rs. 835.
I received a call today from BSNL on my cellphone for my registration verification of selfcare portal. I was pleasantly surprised to see that within 10 minutes I received my user id and password via mail.
I took a screenshot of my usage , a bit confusing for me.-- dead tinypic image removed --
A session is started when you connect to the internet, and it ends once you logout/disconnect. If you aren't the one disconnecting every 30 minutes, then its possible that BSNL chops up sessions to 30 minute blocks. It seems like you have currently used up ~7 GB of data in 2 days, and at this rate, you would reach ~110 GB in a month.