Airtel Broadband: SmartBytes activated automatically, being forced to pay

LOL I'm staying the heck out of MTNL. Im in Chennai so safest bet is Spectranet. I'm in luck I guess, I'm on the left side of the road haha. But lets see, if they don't call back and tell me serivce is available in area, I'm not forcing the issue. As they say, Known devil is better than an unknown angel. This is the only place on earth where broadband connection is so frickking tedious!
well I just got mine few min back. Guy made me write all of stuff for him on the paper. but check out the pings lolz f awesome 😀
Ping seems real fast! But how does fast ping help? lesser disconnection/idle time? What speed connection did you choose? I assume 1 Mbps. I thought that didn't include upload speed and just your download should be 1 Mbps.
its some 512 kbps one night 2MBps .... better pings means things work faster...
sure yw !

this has happened with me too,, 20 gb was activated with 4 days left in my bill period,,they said fast speed memory will reset after 4 days if u dont use it,,i didn't even acxtivated it,,so i complained for many days ,,in the end they said that they will not charge me,,but added the amount on the bill,,and when i complained again they said i have to pay,,after that i called cc and requested to deactivate my account,,those suckers said there is a problem with the server in office so they'll get back to me after some time,,couple of hours later cc executive called me and asked what is the reason for deactivation request ,,i explained everything again and cleared that i will not pay 800rs for 20 gb i didn't requested,,then gave me a proposal after keeping me on hold for 15 minutes,,they said they give me rs 530 discount,,i asked how did u came up with that amount,,they said this will be a good will discount,,,after that i just went crazy on them,,told them i will not pay the amount,,and will cut the connection and file a report in consumer court,, after that guess what,,THE GOOD WILL DISCOUNT WENT TO RS 800
you are lucky man, After the incident where they blamed my for their mistake I didnt want to take another chance. I used up the 20 gb in 2 days so that I dont become the loser in all ways. I didnt have trust in them that they ll consider anything so I will end paying for the 20 gb and not using it. Didnt want that to happen. Useless fellows unnecessarily wasting my time and money. And the funny part they have increased their rates for next month. I think the whole thing is scam and they are trying to cut their losses by randomly activating plans. I hope somebody sues them soon. Next time I myself am going to anyways.