Airtel Gigabit in Sarvodaya Enclave (South Delhi)?

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Does anybody know when will Sarvodaya Enclave (South Delhi) (near Malviya Nagar, near Adchini/Kalu Sarai) get Airtel Gigabit? The max here is Airtel 40 Mbps. ACT offers 150 Mbps which I’m using now. Spectra offers Gigabit but unsure of them after reading how much downtime they have.
tbh. only airtel knows. even if they have laid down fiber in your area, there is no guarantee that ftth would be available at your house. and if 1gbps plans would be supported.
If they lay down Fibre, why won’t each house have it as an option? It’s a small affluent colony with maybe 300-400 houses, that’s about it. Why wouldn’t any house that want it be able to get it? I want people who stay in this area to chime in in case they have been in touch with technicians etc.
Also, is ACT way better than Spectra or are they mostly even? ACT has been close to zero downtime. How bad is Spectra?
spectra requires 3 months prepayment for gigabit plans i believe. plus they throttle torrents if that's something you use. if act is working well for you, i would suggest sticking with it.