airtel is data thieves

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its disgusting , i have 80 gb plan which got exhausted and i suspect that airtel shows wrong data consumption , i must have consumed 50-60 gb , but no way 80 gb.
on top of that i got 2 gb smart byte , and that exhausted in 2-3 days , then i took 5 gb smartbyte again that too was remeining upto 2.5 gb the day before but again its exhausted and i have still 5 days left.
i am 1000% sure , airtel data count is wrong , what do i do?
You can do very little to be fair. Just wanted to know if you understand that Airtel count uploads too?
Run a local app to monitor your data usage. Do not make assumptions. Also make sure that your wireless router is secure and no one else is using your bandwidth without you realizing it.
When I was on Airtel, the usage shown was of course on the higher side. But there is a margin of error with local apps and their online recording system.
my wifi is secured , so no way of undesired usage by anyone else , but my house has several devices connected , but my wife and kid cannot use much i know this , i need to configure data counting on my Netgear wifi 😛issed-off:
also my uploads are very reasonable it must be negligible man
That's the thing. You cannot assume that your wife or son is not consuming excessive bandwidth. A typical YouTube video can consume 50-100MB. So, it is easy to assume that you are probably consuming less bandwidth than you actually are.
Also, a typical web page these days consume more than a MB of data. Even this forum to be frank.

Of course, a lot of these are loaded once and then cached so the actual bandwidth consumption per page would be much lower.
my kid and wife dont use youtube sir , my kids play some online game , and wife mostly whatapp , that cannot make a big hole in total , any way of setting data meter in Netgear ?
haha. ok. depends upon the router i suppose. my buffalo router has a bandwidth counter but it does not keep long time records.
for your computer, you can try out bitmeter os. but that is sort of giving me issues in the recent times as it shows data usage way too high. probably counting lan transfer as well 😱