airtel Karnataka MNP offers(gsm)

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bsnl ut300r2u
i would like to know what is the offer given by airtel prepaid(GSM) Karnataka if i would like to opt for MNP?
can anyone let me know the plans and details?
Tried a month to get a Airtel Prepaid connection through MNP
a) They would first not accept any requests
b ) They would say that most of the requests are failing but wont accept any problem from their end
c) Finally they say that they do not have any SIM cards for prepaid MNP
If you want to migrate to Airtel thru MNP, the only option is Postpaid
ohh ok fine...i heard aircel offering 100 sms daily not sure of the abt trying aircel ?
how is aircel network within bangalore and karnataka..apart from 3G..GSM network is good?

Why would anyone willing port to airtel? :s
may I know what's wrong in airtel. I am forced to move to them as I do not have network of my current provider at my new residence.
My general misfortune with airtel products has lead to the above conclusion. Could post a long list, but, never mind. The latest being, they having somehow added my prepaid datacard account to some sort of blacklist.
I will give my 3 months to airtel, will be airtel customer after 6 yrs, used there BB service back then.