Airtel Public/open Proxy? Plz Help

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I have having problems registering at several private torrent sites;
like at

We do not accept users connecting through public proxies. When you submit the form below we will check whether any commonly used proxy ports on your computer is open. If you have a firewall it may alert you of port scanning activity . This is only our proxy-detector in action, You must allow that if prompted. The check takes up to 30 seconds to complete, please be patient. The IP address we will test is xxxxxxxxxx. By proceeding with submitting the form below you grant us permission to scan certain ports on this computer.

After pressing ok; i get the following error

Signup failed!

You appear to be connecting through a proxy server. Your organization or ISP may use a transparent caching HTTP proxy

The other major problem i am facing is that i cannot connect to MIRC #undernet ip has been blacklisted for being an open proxy which is vulnerable to be abused. For the past 4 yrs; i have been using MIrc on dlup and it worked perfectly but for the past 2 months; ever since i switched over to airtel i am facing these problems

What is the problem due to? My antivirus has not detected any viruses? Is there a way to close these open proxies? I am very much a newbie regarding this......PLZ
try to change to default http post ie 80 to sumtin else
Well I tried the link-removed thing from my net connection and even I got same problem.Then I disabled the APACHE webserver on my machine and thus port 80 was freed from any binding , the registration was done .So if you run a webserver , shut it down till registation is done or just block incoming connection on port 80!But that may not be possible since the ADSL router GUI runs at port 80 and hence the site is fooled into thinking that the machine from which registration is requested is a proxy server accepting connection at port 80.The solution is to change the default port of router GUI if possible...I cant think of any other method.Or maybe bridge mode will help in your case..try it out
do port fwd of port other than 80cause 80 will be in use for ur website surfincause bydefault 21,23,80 r open in many router n ur's one of them
i tried from sify and got same error . its bcoz ur port 80 might be open ( mine was ! ) just close port by closing application using it and u will be signed up

QUOTE(akash @ May 1 2006, 12:28 AM) [snapback]49834[/snapback]
do port fwd of port other than 80
cause 80 will be in use for ur website surfin

cause bydefault 21,23,80 r open in many router n ur's one of them

Well the port 80 is not locked up during surfing as the destination port on website is 80, not the local port where the browser starts connection.(The browser starts connection from any random port)

The problem is only due to port 80 in "listening mode" for incoming conenction (the router gui)
So if you cant change the port bad luck 🙁

But didnt you try the bridged mode??
just start the firewall on your router and it should prevent anything from connecting on the first 1024 ports. That should solve your problem.
QUOTE(max @ May 1 2006, 05:21 PM) [snapback]49924[/snapback]
just start the firewall on your router and it should prevent anything from connecting on the first 1024 ports. That should solve your problem.

You wouldn't be having this problem if you have a static IP. The problem with dynamic IP is most of the airtel users still dont have a firewall or might be running some backdoors unknowingly. In that case the IP get blocked in a global database. So when you get that IP address, you will also not be able to access certain sites. All you can do is, try to disconnect and connect again. This will help you most of the times if not always.

Other way of removing your IP from blocklist is visit, enter your IP, confirm it. This will remove your IP from blocklist within 15 minuts.
I am also facing similar issue regarding registration at Please let me know if anybody has find the solution to this problem.
If you're using a firewall such as Sygate, you can block any connection attempt from that website to common proxy ports.
Torrent sites do not scan your PC for open proxies. They just use Blacklists compiled by various sites on the net. If your IP is on that list you can't access the site.