Airtel/reliance Datacrd




Has anybody used the Datacard offered by Airtel/Reliance? Can you give details about the performance of the cards (and drawbacks, if there are any)?

I am planning to buy a datacard from one of these.

Thanks in advance,
i tried the reliance card yesterday at my cousin's place... i got speeds of around 5-6 KBps. but brother said it goes faster most of the times...
well i installed an antivirus on his system and the connection stopped working...i changed nothing. installed no firewall... must be something else. 😛 gotta check with him if he can connect to reliance now. 😀
My dad bought ZTE card last month , it gives awsum speeds, nearing 180 kbps....I love even gives wireless internet access in many villages....even make calls thru it, no prob of roaming, normal home state calls n internet charges even if u r in has a drawback that it falls back to normal gprs speed i.e around 24 kbps if u og out of EDGE network....