Airtel Speed Dropped

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i think that airtel has droppd the speed at nite as i only get 20kbps download at nite....prev i used to get 26.
I am still getting 26KB/s at night. Last i checked was 2 nites ago tho. I'll check today and update.Edit:- Just checked the speed. Still getting 26KB/s avg.
QUOTE(mystery_inc18 @ Sep 22 2006, 12:47 PM) [snapback]62949[/snapback]
speeds are normal here, no lows here .

Airtel SUKX in hyderabad.....
im in home 999 plan.. 256 unlimited...
geting avarage speed of 13-17 kbps when it should be 30- 35kbps
and to much flactuation in the line.
max download i luckely got is 28kbps.
and one more thing if i dont use any download manager DAP or IDM,(that is from from my browser) im geting sped of 3-4kbps. 🙂 only........
now pple can u tell me what shud i do now🙁
Hello,Do anybody experiencing slow speeds in chennai during nights, i have 512 connectspeed during nights the speeds reduced to half of 512; this problem i am experiencingfor the past two days; please reply
@ Netantthe problem could be at your end, suppose; you should tweak your internet settings to avail the full power of net there is tweak software called tweakoptimiser which could help you in this regard or might be yoursystem could have infected with any spyware try all the alternatives, run virus, Ad-aware, exit the firewall etc Airtel never lets their customer down i hope you will get your problem solvedwith regards uba687

i think airtel users are increaing day by day but they are not increasing their national internet backbone which is only 200mbpsbsnl NIB is 204mbps but they do not offer double speed at night
@netantI m from hydeabad too and my airtel average speed is 25-26 kbps on torrents with 28 kbps upload at the same time.And If I use dap or any other download manger I get 30-32 kbps but I hardly use http links to download.BUt I agree airtel speed is abit down from last few days.