Airtel STB error code 1 'Please insert view card'

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I got my hd stb changed as the old one stopped working. Now the new stb gives an error 'Please insert view card though its already inserted. To cut a long story short keeping it on for over15 minutes & then doing a hard reboot gets it working. The technology is making excuses for not coming though while leaving he had said to call him rather call the customer care. Any inputs from any user who faced this. Last time the stb had to be replaced 8 times as they are all refurbished stb. Every unit removed from his bag was bad.😠
Not on Airtel DTH but last time I had this problem on Tata Sky, I took the card out wiped it with some alcohol and put it back in. Maybe try it if you havent already?
Yes I have done that but its no use😔 There seems to a problem where after warning up it starts working seems like some gap between the card reader & card gets reduced.
Is the installed box brand new ? I mean did he just break open the seal of the Set-top box . I often see these people just rotate the DTH boxes from one user to another which are returned by some other customer .

Even this could be returned by some other user as faulty

My worst fears were confirmed today. The technician came & found that the stb he had given us on 26 oct was a bum piece. And he didn't have a replacement, nor do they have any in stock. After speaking to his boss both of them tried to hard sell Xstream (as if that h/w is any better). When he realized that we would not take the bait he said it would take atleast 4-6 days.