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Why is airtel sending me these messages?


got another one while i posted this post. i have no idea who owns the number 9319765514.
airtel support team says IMPINF is not operated by them so i should ignore these texts. amusing though because of the first message from march.

the link loads the Apple app store listing of airtel thanks app on computer. and just noticed that there is a typo in the message. recharge is misspelled.
Good god. One of these numbers is of another connection at home. What the fuck is going on.
and now realized that both of the numbers are configured on my airtel thanks app. this is very dubious behavior from airtel.
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My airtel app now popping in between to show ads related to reacharge.
do use the unsubscribe option from that popup to opt out. and enable power saving on airtel thanks app to prevent it from loading these popups when not running. this is very scammy behavior from this company.