Airtel Vowifi not working with Jiofiber broadband

Jio Fiber
I just changed my broadband from excitel to Jio fiber and since then Airtel Vowifi has stopped working on my OnePlus 6t. It was working before on excitel broadband . And it works on my Airtel broadband in my office but as I come home and connect it to Jio fiber broadband it won't work. Please help me with this. And do tell my step by step as I'm new to words like dns and other stuff.

It's Jio's DNS servers fault. You can't change those servers easily in the router is what I've understood so far. I haven't verified it since I don't have a Jio connection myself.

You may try to change the DNS server in your Android phone. For that you need to go to your wifi settings, long press, click edit, and change the DNS servers. Tutorials are available online.

Similar process exists for iOS and Windows as well. Look up online.

This isn't guaranteed to work since your DNS lookups may not ever reach the servers you set up. Jio can actively intercept your DNS and use their servers to respond to your devices' queries. You could still try.