Airtel Web2SMS ?

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Considering most of us have DND activated, most of these services have become mostly useless.
Isnt it blocked on the basis of the sender's number ?

I was just looking for a better interface to send the silly one time passwords to my bank. I could send to myself using Skype but after registering the mobile number it is not going through.
If Airtel themselves send you offers and recharge related messages, is that also covered in DND?
I mean, does enabling DND stops that too?
DND implies to,

[*]ANY 3rd Party call or SMS
[*]Chargable promotional calls/sms from your service provider (e.g. they can't send you call for Caller Tune or Crciket Pack subscription which might cost a penny and mostly doesn't matter what you click or dis-connect call there is always one default) [Sorry I have built this 😛]
[/list]What they can send you

[*]Free promotioal SMS/Calls (100 items per number) (SMS CRI SUB to 56666 for Cricket Pack)
[*]Service messages (Unlimited e.g. Payiye 30 Rs ka full talktime in Rs.30 topup)

Well SPAM is anything that is unwanted.
So, there is no way we could stop them.
Reliance sends me 3-6 Messages daily as recharge suggestions. I called them and they said DND would stop it.
Gov of India has given DND exception to Transactional SMS, Educational instutes etc........
The user/customer can aso opt the operator out from DND service by following some mechanisum like verfication etc......

U can have a look of this 1
@admin u can remove th link if it violates the rules
this covers the sms sent by your service provided too. there is something called dnd under fully blocked category. i use that and i don't get any promotional sms from airtel as well as 3rd party ad agencies
GENIE said:
Thanks ! Already tried with Skype but it does not get accepted when I send sms to bank/creditcard . I guess they block it for security reasons.
Send SMS for Bank???
Did not get ur point, can u please tell me clearly?
sachinbr said:
Send SMS for Bank???
Did not get ur point, can u please tell me clearly?
I have to use the SMS for the following purposes in bank, credit card and gmail accounts
- Adding beneficiary for NEFT transactions
- Requesting one time password for debit card transactions.
- Requesting credit balance, payment status for credit card
- Two step authorization for gmail login
Normally I do not use the mobile for voice calls and I ended up buying a basic Samsung for the sms. This is a miniature model which is too painful to use so I was wondering if I can find an alternative solution instead of wasting money on a more expensive mobile phone.