Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband pre booking finally started

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Congrats. Where are you located, btw?
Just curious. Weren't the pre-booking option enabled on Airtel site from April in all of the 25 cities where Airtel has scheduled to launch its services?

The online booking holds no value till the official launch. The main booking will be done by airtel team offline. The official launch here is on 25th.
Interesting. Thanks for that info. So, Airtel basically accepts pre-bookings but it has to be confirmed by offline team?
So, what happened with your case? Did this offline team only get in touch with you recently?
I saw some guys installing airtel CAT boxes in my neighbouthood. I asked them regarding the availability, he told me they will come for pre-booking soon. 2 days later airtel team was visiting each and every house with pamphlets and a router in their hand for booking. They told the installation will be done by 25th. Service will go live from 25th of June.