Airtel Xstream Fiber dynamic ip mismatch

Airtel Xstream fiber
hey guys my wan ip and internet ip is different...i complaint in airtel they fixed it but again 10-15days later same problem....i don't have static i know what is dynamic ip but dynamic ip need to same in both wan and internet ip right....why i faced this problem.....this problem create distrubance in my port open in games nat type is strict
Probably you are shifted to CGNAT due to which you are seeing this.
Can you share the first two parts of your WAN ip? e..g if you wan ip is say a.b.c.d can you just share a.b.---? you need to look into router status not sites like whatismyip
Check using google if it has become private ip now.
when i was on spectranet they had shortage of ipv4, so sometimes they would give be public other times simply private.
hey guys my wan ip and internet ip is different
That normally happens when they assign you a CG-NAT address. Ask them for a dynamic public IP on or pay extra for a static IP. Either one will resolve your game related issues.
ISP Public IP ---> ISP Extra router to save IP crunch ----> Assign local private IP to your router and other peoples starting with (100.x.x.x)

Public IP
ISP Public Ip ----> Directly assign public ip to your router and you can access your router and your servers directly using public ip

Open a ticket and don't provide resolution otp until your issue getting resolved, atleast try requesting public ip again

I too moved to CGNAT, open ticket, lots of discussion with the Airtel, and forcing to take static IP. 10 days to go with so much discussion and mail.
Airtel backend team member visits home and takes complete 3 hour with his laptop and with backend team members on call
Later he get to know Airtel has two pools in my area, one is CGNAT, Other is dynamic public pool, He put my pppoe/account to dynamic pool again and issue gets resolved

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