Airtel Xstream Fiber - Public IPv4/CGNAT

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I even told them to charge me cost of Static IP but provide me dynamic public IP but they said such a configuration is now not feasible.
@rohitks if you are willing to pay for static IPv4 and want dynamic public IPv4, just do it.
All the BNGs which are giving out static IPv4 are also giving out dynamic public IPv4 if you use PPPoE.
@Ajay15 - Thanks for that info. Can you explain a bit more the underlying technique? Bcos as far as I understand the router is locked and I do not have option to change from static to PPPoE for example. Do I need to put it in Bridge and dial PPPoE from my own router.
With this piece of info, I will reinitiate my discussions with backend tech experts. As I know a few of them and I have their mobile numbers with me. Just that I don't call them unless I open as SR.
@Ajay15 are you saying airtel provided routers' wan profile is not PPPoE? If just using PPPoE will get you public dynamic IP then how will they move everyone to CGNAT without mass reconfiguration of all their customers routers.
Ok so it is the BNG in the backend which assigns you the IP Address. Now, try and understand that the current BNG you are connected to is giving you out CGNATed IP. Now if you request to be on static IP, they will assign you to different BNG or different network card of same BNG. Now, the new BNG which gives you IP by PPPoE will not be CGNATed one.
I have used this technique to get dynamic public IPv4 in the recent past(2 weeks ago).

You wont have to do any changes in your ONT, PPPoE on it will disconnect as soon as you get assigned different BNG and soon reconnect, but this time you will get public dynamic IPv4.

Hope you understood.
@Ajay15 Ok I got it I think but one doubt still there. How would one then get a static public ip because I am assuming you can request static public ip only after paying for it & there will be those who really want static public ip after paying for it?

@Ajay15 I see but just curious, what changes are to be made in ONT after purchasing static public Ip from airtel. Does this static public IP need to be entered manually by user in their ONT?
dude, if you want to use the static IP you purchased, then do changes in ONT and configure it to work, this can be done by Airtel backend if your router is locked, or can be done by yourself if router is not locked.
if you want dynamic IP, then dont touch anything in ONT, ONT tend to be in PPPoE mode by default.
@Ajay15 I don't have airtel ftth but a friend who might buy static ip in future so was asking out of curiosity/future reference & I get it now. Thanks for the info.