Airtel's new login page and 'My Account' section

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Airtel has changed their login and my accounts section again.
1. You can now use your facebook / google account to login.
2. After login, it shows both your prepaid mobile number and your broadband number together in a single account. But if you try to see your transaction details in your prepaid account, it asks you to login again with a captcha and an OTP. (I mean - what's the point if you are already logged in?). After login it takes you to some different prepaid section from where you cannot access your broadband account.
The new interface is a messup if you ask me.
I am assuming it is still not responsive in nature? Which is a huge shame considering we are in 2013.
They have added more annoyances if anything. Example, when I click logout, they open another page asking to click "give feedback" and "logout". They send you an OTP for you to complete login. Even seeing your bill takes 1-2 steps longer than before.
/begin rant
Bah...When I login all I get is there is no services associated with this account. I'm connecting via their broadband 🙂
I don't get this change...what was wrong with the username/password method from before? Now, I have to receive an SMS to get an OTP to login...what, if I am logging in from an area without mobile service or am out of the country? Is airtel with all it's resources unable to maintain a secure login page, that they have to resort to using facebook/google or an OTP? Double Bah!!
/end rant

OTP is only required for the first time before you generate your password. afterwards you can use the password to login and no OTP is sent
Yes that is correct for the broadband section but when you try to access the transaction details for your linked prepaid account it asks you to login again even if you already are and they generate OTP every time in this case.
Hmm..everytime I try to login it does it via OTP...maybe something is messed up on my account. Might have to make the dreaded call to their customer care 🙂