Airtel's Server Gone Crazy Amazing Speeds !

yaara, what was the need of opening a new thread for this ! 😛
I am on 128 Kbps as well, just turned on my pc, got 75-80 KB/s for a min and then back to 12-14 k 🙁i wonder at what time did it start :blink:
to make it more prominent...........things like these r like GH's in mtnl ......infact better than that for unltd plan users 😀 😀 and my friends here deserve to know of it asap.btw don askme wots GH@virusit started at arnd 2pm.....i remember turning off my pc at 1:45 and till then there were normal speeds.
hmmn no change in speeds here (Mumbai), getting the usual 27-29kBps i guess it was'nt but i'm no cud i hv known it'll last only an hr or so...........last time this happened it lasted for 4 days !!!!!!