All in One Auto Duplex Printer under 15k

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Need an All In One auto duplex colour and monochrome printer.
Would need to print 400-500 black and white pages alternate months and rarely some colour prints.
Not sure whether to go for ink tank or laser.
Please suggest.
Looks good.
@Sushubh @Nishant How has been your experience with it so far?
Why didn't you prefer the model with ADF?
Shouldn't I go for ink tank since it would turn out cheaper in the long run (lesser cost per page)?
Also sceptical about 'Brother' brand.Is there any HP or Epson counterpart?
Last time I bought a printer people only recommended either HP or Epson.
Has their quality degraded?
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Why didn't you prefer the model with ADF?
Shouldn't I go for ink tank since it would turn out cheaper in the long run (lesser cost per page)?
The only advantage that laser has over ink tank is faster printing right? If printing speed is not issue then isn't ink tank better?

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there is a brother adf model as well that costs 3-4K more. you can go for that if that is a requirement.

i already have a HP adf and i rarely use it. mostly because it does not work well most of the times. i just needed a basic laser and this did the job.

consider the inktank if colored prints are required. or you don't have an existing colored printer lying around. laser cartridges tend to last for a pretty long time. and brother ones from what i have read online a quite decently priced. this model from what i remember has separate drum and toner component. so you can just get the toner while drum can be replaced after 2-3 toners or something like that. so basically you are looking at costs of 1500 or so for around 5000 printouts. inktanks might cost the same or cheaper i have no idea. but the speed of laser is a major advantage if you are going to take out hundreds of pages in one go. i think Epson ecotanks are quite nice. i would not recommend hp anymore.
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haven't looked into color lasers. honestly, inktanks are better if you want color. it is likely that you can get a cheapo color inktank and basic laser for the same cost as a color laser. look into Epson ecotanks if you want color. they are supposedly very good.
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I am using canon g2012 ink tank printer. Print quality is good and ink would last for ages. you can also get a full photo print on A4 size glossy paper for 200-300 sheets with 3 colour cartages. The black ink won't finish too.
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