Allocation of Data on Postpaid Plus

Bangkok, Thailand
TrueOnline, TrueMoveH, Jio
I have the 999 Jio Postpaid Plus plan. Every month, when the plan renews, the data allocation for all child numbers disappears and their internet stops working. I have to manually assign them their data quota again, before their Internet service resumes.
I have to do this every month manually. Is there a way to allocate the child numbers data automatically?
Nope have to do it manually and also for child member's there is no data carry forward
The child numbers can use data from complete data pool right unlike VI?
I've heard that the data rollover is also for only first 6 months.
Then Jio's family plans are useless considering data rollover is for only first 6 months too.

Is there any improvement to the Postpaid plus process? I have 4 numbers each on 199 plan. I would love to use Postpaid plus to simplify the bill payment, but only of the data allocation is easier than before.
Yes, check in my jio there is an option, if you want to share data as recurring or on one time basis.
Recurring - same data alloted automatically every bill cycle
One time - you'd have to do it manually every bill cycle.