Amazon Prime on Jio fiber & Renewal of Existing Membership

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I have my Prime membership up for renewal this month end.I have not yet utilized the free prime membership offered with Jio fiber.
So has anybody used it for renewal of their membership? Also when should i go for the offer- after my existing prime membership is over or we can go for it beforehand and it will be activated at the end of the existing period?Please advice
jio given prime has validity same as your fiber current plan.
If your plan expires prime expires.
You can't use when ever you want. If you use or not, it will expire along with your plan.
But what about renewing an existing prime membership? Can you do that and will it be applicable - immediately or after your current subscription is over?
I am not worried about the Jio Fiber plan as am planning to keep it active in the near future at least for the next year or so...
It doesn't depend on email id. And yes you can use the offer to renew your membership

If you've an existing Prime account, the offer cannot be used. I tried multiple times, kept on giving me the same error.
Yeah, which means you are not an active member. If you are an active/existing Prime member, it won't work.