An Easier way to calculate airtel xstream broadband data usage ?

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I have been trying to find out data usage on my airtel broadband.
  • doesn't seems to work on cg-nat now (not gettign ipv6 either) , also it was pretty unreliable when it worked
  • In airtel thanks app , the chat bot used to tell data balance but doesn't anymore
  • I cant use airtel xstream fiber app , it always shows device not found error.
I tried some makeshift method of my own which felt so stupid that it might work . I think my current data usage is 277.75GB (3333* 30/360)

Jokes apart but I believe genuinely there should be an easier way to check data usage , tell me if you know guys.
Try changing your registered airtel number to a different number to correct device not found error. It generally happens when same number is linked with 2 different airtel broadband accounts.
Xtreme app shows correct data ?

I think so. it showed the data in : usage/3333gb format and also by the days format. Website only shows the data by the days format and nobody has the time to add the data for x number of days to get the usage