Android PDF Reader with Brightness Lock

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Hello all

I'm new to smartphones.. just got this realme 5i (4+128)
Since newspaper delivery is suspended.. I'm getting epaper pdfs

The gdrive pdf reader dims the screen after sometime.
Please suggest a reader for that does not dim.

Apparently adobe for android has brightness lock feature.
But I'm skeptical of adobe.

Any other recommendations?.. I just need a reader with basic search / copy feature.. editing files is not required.
On desktop I use Sumatra.. which is quite light and does support ebooks and comics too.

Thanks for your time.
I personally use Adobe. But if you want other readers, you can try WPS PDF Reader (I have used it).
Otherwise just go to Play Store and type PDF Reader. You will get a lot of good (5M+ downloads) readers.

I don't know why Google Drive Reader dims your screen. Maybe you could try turning Auto Brightness off.
Yes. It is a good feature. Even I use Auto Brightness.
What I meant was you could turn it off while reading newspaper and then turn it on again once you are done.

Or else just use Adobe Reader.

Meanwhile in Adobe..