Anybody else facing issues trying to get the unlimited smart bytes pack from Airtel ?

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Airtel, SITI
Hey All,
I just registered to try and seek advice on how to tackle the data issues I have been facing with Airtel. I had to get Airtel last month only because my SITI broadband line had some issues and they could not get out during the lockdown. Since then, I am trying really hard to contact Airtel to get my problems resolved but I couldn't.

Ok so here's the issue. I went for 3 months advance payment on 100 MBPS fiber plan to get rid of installation charges but didn't buy the 300 Rs unlimited data pack at that moment. I was told that I can apply that pack anytime in the month. The response was swift from Airtel side at the time of installation but afterwards they disappeared. Now in a few days, when I was out of data, I tried getting the unlimited pack from the airtel thanks app, but the pack disappeared from there and it only list 20 GB and 50 GB topup. It proved impossible to contact customer care afterwards as everywhere they would redirect me to airtel thanks app or would quote the pandemic situation. I tried everything but couldn't connect to customer care and was forced to buy smaller packs and also restrict my usage.
The person who installed the internet for me stopped picking my phone after first time. I put my number on a request for new connection, they would promptly call me afterwards and I confirmed with them that the unlimited plan can be bought within the app, but they would put the phone down if I tell them I already had a connection and was seeking help. I tweeted and I contacted them on facebook but there is no response.
Now, I want to ask for advice on how can I work this around ? I am bleeding money on smaller data packs but just couldn't find a way to get the unlimited one.

Airtel is the most evil company I have had the displeasure of dealing with. Few years ago, I was absolutely done with this company because of the frustration around FUP but now because of the situation I had to get back on it. And just like that, they refreshed my memories of all the fights with the customer care and the fact that they are greedy for money and don't give a shit about customer experience. I hate this company so much and I wish they go down in flames soon enough.