Anyone has experience with AP Fiber (State govt service)? Rs.600 plan looks too good, 50 Mbps Truly unlimited net + 250 channels + android stb.

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I'm thinking of switching from ACT to government provided Ap fiber. Their highest plan (Rs.600 including gst) costs lower than the most basic plan of ACT. But worried a bit as it is a government service. Their sales executive assures resolution of service requests within 1 hour. Would like to know actual experiences, if anyone here is using it.

According to them, Rs.600 plan offers:
  • Truly unlimited net 50 Mbps
  • 250 channels including HD channels (covers almost all telugu channels, infotainment like Sony bbc hd, discovery, history etc, few sports channels etc).
  • Free landline calls
  • And their STB is android box.