Anyone here has the router Model: RL841GWV-DGB for Airtel?

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Airtel Xstream, Hyderabad
I have a couple of questions. I used to have the Nokia one, but voice wasn't working on it so it was replaced by this. But now, this looks like a basic ass router with not much configuration options. I had to use devtools in chrome to enable the "disable wlan" greyed out checkbox (I use my own wifi router). I usually configure DHCP on the router and assign IP addresses to each device's mac address. I can't do that here and was wondering if there is a work around for this. I searched the web and this forum but can't find any references to this modem/support. 😕


Do you see any make or something ? Some routers allow ssh-ing into the router and changing their settings. Airtel runs their custom thing on some routers but you can definitely try.
We can definitely make something of the Router make and model if you get it
Anyone else having this ONU?
Is this locked as well?
Can we edit WAN profiles and enable bridge mode by ourselves?

Any luck with bridge mode configuration? I just got this as a replacement for Huawei router. Configuration is still pending so I have not opened router wifi setting.
Hai i have unlocked this model but when reset it will goes to airtel config need telnet file directory commands other commands know anyboady has orginal model richerlink rl821gwv is simple to find