AONT-100C With Fibre Ultra?

BSNL Fibre
Hi guys, I have the AONT-100C modem and I've opted for the Fibre Ultra plan (300mbps)
I believe that the AONT-100C doesn't have a gigabit port, so I may not be able to make full use of the plan I have.

What can I do about this? Can I request BSNL for a new modem?
Yep, as per the specs, shows that it has only 4 100 Mbps ports -- Source

Is the ONT on rent from BSNL? If so try approaching BSNL, they might have a newer model. If not you can try procuring another ONT yourself and return the BSNL one. Can save on the rent.
I had that same AONT-100C for which BSNL did not provide a replacement for newer supported model. So I had surrender that connection and take a new connection via BSNL vendor/provider. GX Platinum 4410 has been provided with new connection.

I approach Alphion Tech support via email and their responded confirming that there is no replacemnet by bsnl for that ONT. So I did not had a choice.