Apple vs. Epic Games

Navjot Singh

Staff member
Let's see. Heights of pettiness by Epic Games again.

Fortnite's new version allowed people to pay directly bypassing Apple and Google App stores.
Both Apple and Google banned the game from their respective stores.
Epic Games is now suing both of them over Antitrust violations.
They also created a parody video of Apple's 1984 ad about their dominance. I guess they couldn't find a similar ad of Google to make a mockery of.
And last but not the least, they are threatening iOS players that if Apple doesn't rectify its mistake, they won't be able to play the next season of Fortnite.
Can't threaten Android users though considering their userbase is probably more than double than those of iOS ones plus if they threaten players on both platforms then that means no more Fortnite mobile. ROFL.

i wonder what happened to Spotify's attempts against Apple.
Recently Fortnite sued Apple and Google over their app market dominance and their overrated pay cuts in the In-App purchases .

Fortnite created an option for bypassing Apple in-app buying page and buying on their own website

Apple removed the App from their playstore !
I hope Apple loses this lawsuit, Epic has done a lot for Game Developers, the free software and support they offer is outstanding, and for some reason Apple tries their best to make life difficult.
Yep , there are still many developers who are doing their hardwork and Apple takes a big cut out of small scale developers.
Spotify also supported the lawsuit

Apple making it hard for Fortnite fans to install the game , may see some of their users switching to Android due to Third Party App Installation feature
Billion dollar company fighting a Trillion dollar company? My support goes to Epik

Regardless Epic is a for profit company the only reason they offer free games is to get people on their platform from Steam.

I don't like fortnite but I'm with epic games on this.
Anyone who have developed an app for iOS will know the pain of working with Apple.
These bastards will make your life miserable and on top of that they take 30% cut on your total app revenue.