Application To Mod

YA thanks for letting whole world Know that And ya i accept it!!HBKWarez=Supersaiyan!!!So what ??You cann't See me Stole.......And one more thing Mod already know this.... 😛
If u love the name "HBKWAREZ" so much, u can have an avatar with that name or have a small signature!
what your problem?HBKWarez=Supersaiyan=Supersiyan3!!!I have plenty of Emails like proxy....You cann't See Meand you know this....It's childish to bann Supersaiyan and Supersiyan3 againCoz Registration closed for 1 or 2 week won't stop me!!!And Ya I will be BAck.I come here and this is the reason i wil keep coming back here ...With love to .....Mod 🙄Warn level 10 % posting disabled i wonder whats on warn level 20%??
I guess there is something called as self respect.Well whats our problem.. enjoy ur stay... Who cares!
i dude this dude has some serious emo prob 😀

he is mr spam manhe got banned once so he came back n backdude y dont u use ur brain to help pplinstead of spaminps. this dude know a lot of stuff he is cool but he is also mr spam bam
yes he does know quite a lot of stuff, but unfortunately most of it cant be discussed on this forum.
Man.... i am on this forum for a while now and generally don't comment on this stuff, but this is just lame!If you love the forum so much to come by again and again just settle without the use of "War3z" and if you don't like the place there's always the X button top right.