Are Daikin ACs worth the premium?

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I am considering getting a three star 1.8T unit from Daikin to replace my aging 2T Carrier AC.
I have just checked the prices online. I believe it would cost me in the range of 40-45K depending upon the source.
The 5 star model costs around 8-10K more.
Wanted an idea if it is worth it. Assuming it would last me at least 10 years, I would not mind paying a premium over Hitachi or other brands.
Just out of curiosity, do companies follow this kind of rating "5 Star" in other countries as well?
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can someone who has both 3 star and 5 star A.C. post his calculation how much electricity will it realistically save,
I am so very confused with this concept,my electricity bill is sky rocket in summers due to 8 years Old samsung 1.5T Window A.C. in bedroom which works 12-14 hours in 24 hours span.
and my work room 1 Ton, Onida Split Unit, which run less may be around 3-4 hours max per working day.
How much would I save on a 30 day bill of 4 - 5K
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I think someone had posted an online calculator to get a rough idea about the savings. Would be hard to find out.
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Would check out the price range and options available. Thanks.

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i have had a one star and currently having 3 and 4 star and there is difference.Infact i hardly use the one in my room which is 4 star.
I cannot give exact calculations.but yes i feel the difference.both are 1.5T.the efficiency is about their thermostat actually..nothing rocket science.
When i bought 4 star LG ac,there was a 5 star which could be coupled with fan.So fan can sync with AC and keep the room cool for longer..i didnt like that idea,else i would have gone for it.Those were early days for star rating.
I have seen 15% saving difference in 4 star and 5 star Refrigerator.i can vouch for that one for sure..same volume.infact 5 star one had a bigger freezer,yet it comsumed less power.
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Err there nothing like efficiency of thermostat. Thermostat is a device which measures temperature and according to that switch on or off the compressor. Efficiency is measured for compressor.
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Finally got the quotes...
1.8 3 star 38K1.8 5 star 45K1.8 inverter 47.5K+ costs of stablizer, stand and pipes etc. etc.
Not sure whether to invest 10K extra for a more efficient model. Any comments?
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I would not invest 10k for a model which is higher is rating. 10k matters a lot.
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