Are you able to access keep2share ?

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I was able to access filesharing sites like keep2share before in BSNL ( with https ). But lately i am able to access it only rarely. othertimes it just connects to cloudfare CDN and then it throws me an error saying HTTPS handleshake with origin failed. But if i keep refreshing ,i am able to access it once in a while. So any leads here ?
Not likely a dns issue because it actually gets connected to cloudfare domain of k2s. Error is thrown inside their own page.
Is it some wild issue like cloudfare isn't able to access the origin through indian backbone or something
I think website is blocked in indian region. I tried loading the website in Airtel Network, it doesn't work. So the only possible way is to access the website using VPN or proxy network.
While using VPN it works fine


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It does work with VPN.. ( obvously )
But i am failing to understand why its not working without vpn..
Its actually connecting to cloudfare servers and even the template is getting loaded. The communication between CDN and the origin should be probably using origin URLS or IPs or things like that.. So not sure how exactly the block is implemented.
And even more confusing thing is how is it working once in a while.

@eriek_halenx I am using Google dns too.. using nightly with DNS over https. So resolving is working correctly i believe.

@sankarkarthik Its blocked in other ISPs it seems.. and JIO was blocking it using DPI ( it was returning me connection reset ) but it was fine with BSNL sometime back