Are you guys getting full speeds on new plans?. Is it worth to switch from 1277 to 999, if plans are once avail to all ssa's?

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The download speeds are pretty near to the 200Mbps that the plan is for, if not a little higher than 200Mbps also, but the upload speeds are a hot mess. I first thought it was a problem with my ONT, and then I thought it was a problem with the fiber line and the signal, but according to a BSNL "Engineer" who visited my house and checked everything, it was okay and he himself told me that BSNL can't give you 100 Mbps also properly, let alone 200/300Mbps and addvised me to change my plan to the Rs. 1277 plan, and also that many people who shifted to the new plans are having this problem.

The upload speeds are nowhere near the 200Mbps that the plan is for and also, this is my personal experience and may not be the same for everyone.

PS. This "Engineer" is a sketchy guy as he had the Wifi passwords saved in his phone of all the people who used BSNL where I live, and his reasoning was that he had to "check" something and he needed the password.
I am getting advertised speeds @Trivandrum. I also switched from 1277 to 999 plan very recently.