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Hello everyone
I'm new to the forum and I'm nowhere near being an expert in routers/internet connections. However, after getting my ISP provided Genexis platinum 4410 for my fiber connection, I quickly learned my Internet speed is extremely slow once I get far from the router. I went for the 4,000 rs 200 MB/s 4 month unlimited plan. I'm seeing a lot of discounted routers online from Amazon, although I've noticed that all of them support an ethernet port while my router supports a PON port (sorry if I'm wrong, but I saw it from the back of the router). I've heard of converters which change GPON signals to EPON signals, and I got very confused in the process. I've also heard that I could use my current router as a bridge and connect to the new router through the LAN port of my old router.
What should I do? Upgrade the router and connect it through LAN or buy a digital converter? Thanks in advance
I think you are wrong about the convertor thing. That wont work as your ISP is purely Fiber and you have to authenticate first via GPON. So the convertor will not work and is out of question

The Genexis Platinum should be put in Bridge mode with a new router. The old router remains and it converts the GPON signal to Ethernet for your new router

New router has to be bought depending on the size of the home and the range you require. If you have one lying around , make sure it supports Bridge mode and has required Wifi range
You should select PPPoE mode in new router under WAN settings and enter your credentials the one you entered in your old router. It also depends on ISP sometimes. So look into that with your LCO in case it does not work after getting all settings right