Authenticating powered by pill/tattoo

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Dugan has brought a few tricks from her advanced research group. First up, authentication. It is so irritating that only about half of people protect their devices.
After 40 years of innovation, we are still authenticating the same way. (Bad passwords, etc.)
Near-term solutions are tokens or fobs with NFC. Another option is an electronic tattoo. “Everybody is interested in wearables. I’m profoundly interested in wearables.”
Dugan is wearing an electronic tattoo from a company called MC10. “What we plan to do is work with them to advance a tattoo.”
Some 10 to 20 year olds may not want to wear a watch, but they would wear a tattoo, if only to piss off their parents.
Another option is vitamin authentication — a pill with a small chip and a switch. It is powered by a battery charged by the acids in your stomach creating an electronic switch. Your entire body becomes your authentication token.
So forget two-factor authentication. Now we are talking No. 2 factor authentication.