AV1 Image File Format (AVIF)

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Apple is yet to deliver stable builds of iOS and MacOS that has WebP support. We have a new image format out that is even more efficient than WebP! Chrome and Firefox would add support this month. Apple? Maybe 10 years from now?

Google is also updating Squoosh to add support for AVIF in coming days.


Firefox users can enable support for it by turning on image.avif.enabled in about:config.

looks like chrome stable support avif now. the image above loads for me.
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just updated chrome and it loads.
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IIRC, webp support is coming in safari soon(Maybe iOS/iPadOS 14? Not sure). While everyone else is already moving to avif. We'll probably wait another few years until Apple adds avif support. :/
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Yup. Webp in next major updates for Apple. Avif might get adopted faster than webp as it is not developed primarily by Google and covers most image types. And hdr as well 🤔 Netflix is one of the big media companies to be pushing for its widespread support.

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weird. on mobile it's not working for me. on desktop it does. mobile edition is still 32bit though 64bit version should have arrived with 85.
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Encoder compatibility problems are likely to exist for a while... for some reasons chrome is also not loading the image if you try to load it independently. It does load on the web page itself. Squoosh created image above loads in Chrome independently.
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