azereus with tor

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Could anyone please send me the steps involved in confiring azereus to work with tor+privoxy.

I found something at this link

But, it doesn't make any sence to me.

I have bitlord, bittorrent and sharezaa.

The steps to configre tor+privoxy suite with any of these would be very useful.

You may even even give the steps for any otehr p2p safety software too.

Thank you.
with tor, you will get VERY sucky speeds like 1-2KBps. Are you sure you want to do it? Also, don't use asureus. It's too slow. Gives terrible speeds!
Hello,How many of you actually use some kind of p2p shield?Is it necessary here in India, I mean are there any known instances of anyone being caught expressly for any file sharing activities?Also, do all p2p shields dramatically lower speeds, and increase data traffic?Please advice.Finally, please send me some link where the proceedure for configuring peer gaurdian for torent clients is explained.Thank you.
instead of asking, why dont you try it yourself? I already have stated that it will lower your speeds!
pg2 just blocks incoming IPs from a blacklist and blocks outgoing to those bad IPs... doesnt use routing like TOR.. shouldnt be slow...