B0bee: What Does He Has To Say When He Get A Ban For Using A Profanity

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b0bee: What does he has to say when he get a ban for using a profanity

Man what a F**k face you are. I feel like putting you in my toilet and shitting on you.
No I mean it. Your forums run well, you also do well. but oh please, please DONT use your photos on your blog and stuff.

AM feeling like shitting again on you. Morning I got an idea of photoshopping one for you so that you get the idea.

AND dont ever think of going out of home without taking a toilet paper .. people will see you and either vomit on you or shit .. I will prefer the later .. I will get diarrohea seeing you.
Admin is such a stud, how spurned these ppl are feeling 😛
i really am surprised. there are 100s of forums more popular than this one. if i like this one to be clean and free of idiots, is that my fault?they claim its my ego which result in me banning them but the fact remains a lot of people here have been posting since months and perhaps years without ever having issues with me.i might be stupid to post these posts which i get on PM or email but the fact remains, i like to be pretty transparent. if i do not like you, i won't like you to be on this forum. you are free to move to any other forum. i recommend vinuthomas.com.anyways i would hate to see a photoshopped version of me doing nasty stuff floating around on the web. i do not put my photos online for that. and i do not reveal my true identity on the net for that. i am what you see here online. i do not fake myself, my identity and my feelings. 🙂
the guy went on to post nasty comments on my personal blog.

QUOTE(Sushubh @ Oct 12 2006, 08:00 PM) [snapback]65046[/snapback]
the guy went on to post nasty comments on my personal blog.[/b]

Lol Susu, you just proved what I said, LMAO, we shld meet sometime man, wanna see your face, gruesome !!!
come visit my home. the address is available in public domain. my photos are available in public domain. i have nothing to hide. you are the jackass who is hiding behind fake names.
@b0beeDude, go hit the wall. Just get a life. You've proved the fact that you're a loser by quoting a post right above your post 😛.