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*****PLEASE HELP******
Hello Friends. I am a gamer and i really need a good ping. i have a airtel connection. i used to connect to russian server of left 4 dead 2 (IP- My ping 3 weeks before was about 250 but now it has increased to 450. i called airtel a couple of times but they say that we can only help you in speed not in ping. Please Help.

So I guess it's not your ISP.
(reposting the same information I've mentioned in another thread, so please excuse me)There was an underwater cable cut near Egypt on March 27th which affected SEA-ME-WE 4 (the primary cable between India and Europe, part-owned by Airtel) to the point where it might as well be offline completely.Unfortunately, the cut came at a time when SEACOM (part-owned by Tata) and EIG (part-owned by Airtel) are currently undergoing maintenance, and I-ME-WE (part owned by Airtel) has a fault on it as well.In short, pretty much every major cable between Asia and Europe (excepe Reliance's FLAG, which has minimal capacity spare) is currently crippled, down or undergoing maintenance and as a result, they can't even just do what they'd normally do and fail-over traffic on one cable to another. Naturally, this has resulted in slow traffic between Asia (including India), parts of the Middle East and Europe, and on pretty much every ISP.The date for the first 3 to be fixed is scheduled to be around April 20th, after which I-ME-WE will be taken offline for servicing (for probably around 2-3 weeks at a guess).
My ping are normal to european servers (170~210ms), not as before like 140~180ms......but the problem is my ping from India to Asia (Singapore,malaysia,Bankok) are horrible.
Is there a problem going on the Asian Servers & Cables.
Before it was 90~140ms as compared to current 450+ pings
Is there a problem in cables between India and Singapore...?
Man my ping still sucks (+450ms) On that server. before my airtel connection, i had reliance which gave me ( +400ms). thats why i switched to airtel. in early airtel days, i was getting a decent ping (+250ms) on the russian server. but now it became very high. i am looking for a isp which could provide me a optimum ping coz i cant live without gaming. money is not a problem. i live in bhopal. thanks in advance.