Bajaj Discover and Super splendor

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well i am a bit confused which bike i shd buy .I have shortlised Bajaj Discover and the newly launched Hero Honda Super Splendor 125 cc.The Discover is gr8 on looks and Pick up(11.5 bhp) but have heard that gives low average,Plus weighs around 129 kgs.The super Splendor is 121 kgs .gives a 65+ average..but is a total let down on looks pick up ..(9 bhp )can anyone give inputs on which one is better and what is discovers average and handling is better than HH Super splendor ..which is a better buy ??
well... if you are looking for a bike that is excellently reliable, nothing beats a Honda... but of the two, Discover is better value for money.
i had like to see the real world averages of both the bikes. the figures quoted by the companies really are not true.
People reporting 75KM+ per litre mileage. Thats damn good. More than splendor i presume?

i doubt getting this much on my splendor when i had it back in early 2000s. though it should be possible if the bike is driven nicely.
well the claims made by the manufacturers are largely based on specific test conditions. so you are looking at a scenario where the bike is constantly driven at 50-60kmph without any stops. now that is not really possible in real world scenarios. you stop at red lights. you have to apply brakes and accelerate again. all these things hurt the mileage of the vehicle. i can easily get 22kmpl in my car on a flat road. but i end up getting 12-13kmpl even with careful driving within city limits.
Well my friend says bike is used just for roughly 20km everyday. And 75kmpl is not the claim of manufacturers but got this figure after reading reviews of users on other sites. 75kmpls is better than 65kmpl 🙂 I remember Bajaj introducing new technologies (direct fuel injection tech etc etc ) with each new refresh of discover whereas i barely remember the changes in splendor apart from crappy exterior cosmetic changes