Bajaj Pulsar 200 is unsafe...

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200cc Pulsar DTS-I launched by Bajaj Auto
Indian two wheeler giant Bajaj Auto has launched their 200 cc Pulsar DTS-I model in the market. The company already has two models of Pulsar in India (150cc and 180cc).
The company added that they expect to have a turnover of Rs 10,000 crore in the current financial year. This [...]
Bajaj Pulsar 200 : Photos : Specification : Price List Bajaj Auto, one of the major two wheeler maker in the Indian market has further extended their portfolio with the launch of the new 200 cc Pulsar DTS-i. The company said that this new product has set new benchmarks in technology, performance, and styling to address [...]

Bajaj Pulsar 200 : Photos : Specification : Price List
they have not replied to my mail related to the problem my friend is facing with his p200.

that's really strange and shocking!!! :O if just braking can do this, then just imagine what would happen if it came in a pothole at high speed...
heh. another guy has broken his shockers two times while attempting a wheelie. like the one they show in the ads. people are not even trying the stunts shown in the actual Pulsar 200 advertisement yet 😉
yeah, if this is the case, then that rooftop plunge will surely crumble the bike, as well as the rider 😛