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I don't know what is the reason, but it seems that the moderators are discriminating while banning members. Some members are let to go scott-free even if they use vulgar terms and some (like me) are threatened to be banned or have been banner for no reason at all ! Is this because I am from kolkata ??
so do we have the next google_singh on the board who thought that i was specifically targetting him on this forum? excellent. go ahead. show me the links where i have not banned members for posting posts with profanities. i had like to see these places.and yea, new members are looked upon with more suspicion. that is what common sense suggests. i do not know you so i do not trust you. you have a problem with that, i cannot help it.
So you find me a new member now ?I have already posted over 100 in this single month which suggests that I like to be one of the most active members of the forum and have a general approach to help people in their computing distresses.As for the links, let me accumulate them and will post right here below...
i can post 1000 posts in 1 month on a forum like this. that wont make me an old member just like that.
Thats for people like u (admin/moderator), but I feel that it is not easy for individuals like us to make 1000 posts a month ! 100 a month is enough.And, what's ur definition for an "old" member or so called "trusted" member ?
another ban for 2 days for dragging something for so long without any good reason.Whining, Abusing and personal attacks not acceptable.

Again u r misunderstanding me, I meant what could have been done to become one of the "old" & "trusted" members. Its as simple as that !I dunno what has happened to u regarding this matter which I quickly want to sort out.
u were supposed to give me examples where i did not ban people for putting on profanities on this board. unless u do that, any attempt to make me believe that i am being unfair to you would be considered whining.
Profanity + Cheating ISP, also not have been edited by the moderator !
More to follow...

Originally posted by justtj@May 1 2005, 04:59 PM
i downloaded maximum 3 GB in one day... in morning speed was whopping 300 KB/s and i was soo happy that no money was deducted but after one day those bastards deduced 7 Bloody days! now that "unlimited internet" also now i m using LAN STEALTH no need to worry about download.. no limits 😀

Its just cheating the cheaters 😀
Not even edited by moderator/admin.

Originally posted by Tushar@May 6 2005, 07:46 AM
Does the speed jump above 256 kbps during the nights?

As I see it, Sify hasn't "yet" observed the connection since its new, so pretty soon we'll see this one capped too, but until then I am gonna rape Sify :lol:

Do u want more ?
as someone said. i do not look into each and every post out there. i check the rss feeds of this board randomly. u seem to have caught my eyes with perhaps a worse kind of profanity. the two examples here do not exactly make be believe that it was worth the ban. but that is how i look at it. you want me to ban these two posters for 2 days to make it look even to you that i am a fair moderator, i had do that. but that is not the point of the whole discussion. banning is supposed to be deterrence not a punishment.